Beard Transplant Clinic In Aberdeen


If you are looking for advice on facial hair loss and beard hair transplants in Aberdeen, Scotland, Vinci Hair Clinic are here to help. We are international experts in hair restoration and the leading specialists in beard hair transplants. Our Aberdeen hair loss clinic is ideally located for anyone in living this region of Scotland who wants to learn more about how our beard hair transplantation can improve the appearance of their facial hair, and make them feel more confident at the same time.

Beard Hair Transplant Advice in Aberdeen

For many years, men from Scotland have had to make a long journey to get advice on the treatment of patchy or flawed facial hair growth. Vinci Hair Clinic in Aberdeen now offers a much more convenient option for clients based in the city and throughout the north of Scotland. Our beard transplant clinic in Aberdeen is a pleasant and relaxed setting, where we offer honest and personalised advice to every client.

Our beard hair transplant procedure uses the safe and highly effective FUE Follicular Unit Extraction method, very similar to the method used to treat balding of the scalp. Hairs are extracted from the donor area and replaced in the required area to eliminate areas of sparse hair growth, allowing you to wear your facial hair as you please.  Our method creates undetectable results and has a rapid recovery period allowing clients to return to work the day following treatment.

Aberdeen Facial Hair Transplant Consultations

Vinci’s hair restoration clinic in Aberdeen offers free and confidential beard hair transplant consultations to men who are unhappy with the appearance of their natural facial hair growth. Clients attending Vinci Hair Clinic in Aberdeen will have their beard hair loss evaluated by our specialist team, who will develop a personalised treatment plan according to individual needs and preferences. Vinci Hair Clinic Aberdeen can also provide full information on beard hair transplant costs, as well as the other hair restoration services that we offer.

Arrange your no-obligation consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic Aberdeen today by calling us on 0141 221 9699.